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Sofi VonDoom

Film Starlet  610 Pics  6 Videos
OFFLINE       VIEWS: 150222
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 21
  • Height: I thought I was 5'5....I guess I'm 5'4
  • Sign: Pisces
  • Location: Killwaukee, WI
  • Occupation: model/slut/milf
  • Ink/Metal: You don't have to look too hard. Mitch calls me Mike Tyson.
  • Scars/Birthmarks: Two razorblade scarification pieces on my sides, and many self done scars.
  • Music: 90's music, Oceano, William Fitzsimmons, The Ghost Inside, Eminem, La Dispute, Circa Survive, Lydia, The Reptilian, Tori Amos and music that makes me feel sexy.
  • TV: Taboo, Criminal Minds, Daria, Wife Swap,
  • Movies: I watch like 3 documentaries a day.
  • Videogames: Halo Wars, Heavy Rain, God of War III, Saints Row 2 and 3.
  • Food: I've recently gone [mostly] vegan. It's working out quite well for me. My only weakness: shrimp and sushi.
  • Books: The Satanic Bible, A million little pieces, My Friend Leonard.
  • Hobbies: Baking, giving blowjobs, being a mom, painting and getting stoned.
  • Best Time: All the time?
  • Fantasy: Hasid Gangbang.
  • Fave Position: As long as it involves penetration of a penis in my pussy, I can't complain.
  • Masturbation Material: Anything that vibrates ;) Although I would LOVE a hitachi.
  • I Have a Crush on: Bella Vendetta and Lana del Ray. Why isn't she doing porn? Can I fuck her?
  • Perfect Match: Hmmmmmmmmm
  • Drink: Not as much as I used to.
  • Smoke: I smoke a lot of weed, dude.
  • Bad Habits: Nothing is a bad habit, unless you count smoking and swearing....
  • Where I Hang Out: At home with my daughter. Occasionally I'll have some friends over and we'll get stoned and be awesome.
  • Favorite Burning Angel: Bella,Asphyxia, Skin, Tori Lux.....fuckkkkkk I like so many
  • Why I am a Burning Angel: I've been told I'm the perfect slut, figured I'd take the title if I played the part, ya know?
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