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Get ready. No wait - don't get ready. You should already BE ready. You think you're ready? I don't know if you're ready... but I sincerely hope you are ready for the most totally radical, totally awesome, heavy metal pussy-licking fest in the history of lezbo-dum. I mean, who really needs a big cock when you have big hair to play with?
Shay was still horny after she got fucked on film, so naturally she fucked herself and finished herself off. When you're a horny little slut like Shay, it's always good to have your vibrator on you just in case!
Starring: Shay
Music: Beret  Release Date: 10.05.12
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  • Currently 10.00/10
10.06.12 01:36 PM  
10.05.12 08:31 PM  
One more for the road. Just one more for the road.
Audrina, Felix, Sofi and Moretta were hanging out in the hot-tub talking about sex...and got super horny! They all fucked each other's brains out before all the boys got back. Sometimes, girls just have to have their own fun! Who needs a cock when you have four pussies to keep you happy?!
Music: Scarlet Carson  Release Date: 09.21.12
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  • Currently 7.40/10
10.12.12 11:16 AM  
When the terms Burning Angels and orgy are in the same sentence, minds prepare to be blown. You girls are amazing.
09.25.12 01:11 AM  
This is an amazing scene. Simply put.
We caught Veronica Rose in the shower, and were so excited to get to touch her giant boobs! BUT, she didn't want anyone to play with her...she only wanted to play with herself! She is really good at masturbating, though, so it was totally satisfying just to watch.
Starring: Veronica Rose
Music: Scarlet Carson  Release Date: 09.07.12
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  • Currently 8.00/10
09.19.12 09:53 PM  
You're the whole reason I signed up for this site in the first place...thanks!
09.12.12 05:43 PM  
I like this girl a lot, she looks like ScarJo painted by Frazetta.
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