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  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5'9
  • Sign: pisces
  • Location: LA.
  • Occupation: student/ momma.
  • Ink/Metal: ink collection is growing.
  • Scars/Birthmarks: nada.
  • Music: hardcore and metal.
  • Videogames: i gave up on video games, i suck so bad.
  • Food: caveman diet mother fucker!
  • Books: anything by chuck palahniuk.
  • Hobbies: going to shows, working, and playing music.
  • Best Time: let's just say i had rug burn on my back...
  • Fantasy: double penetration! i want to so bad! (checked that off my list!!!)
  • Fave Position: bend me over and i'm happy.
  • Masturbation Material: ( . Y . )
  • I Have a Crush on: benji madden. yup.
  • Drink: i have a gatorade addiction.
  • Smoke: never.
  • Favorite Burning Angel: maven. phoenix. skin. misti dawn. juliette black.
  • Why I am a Burning Angel: i like being naked... on camera.
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Life is good. I'm real happy. 07.03.11
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brb, achieving milf-hood.
05.24.11 03:07 PM
So, for some reason, I absolutely suck at updating all my BA shtuff. Maybe it's because i'm too distracted looking at all the naked babes... Anyway! Here's a little update as to what's been going on in the world of shay:I became a mom! Now, i have a little demon child named bronson who's two months old now. He rules and is adorable even when he's screaming in my face at 4 in the morning. I finally went back to college to become a math teacher. I can now embrace my nerdiness and fulfill my dreams of the song "hot for teacher". Let's see. My boobs are still awesome, i still look good naked, and i still like to have sex. ... continue reading
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06.26.11 12:30 AM  
the reason i joined this site.. this girl right here
06.26.11 12:30 AM  
the reason i joined this site.. this girl right here
06.26.11 12:30 AM  
the reason i joined this site.. this girl right here
06.16.11 01:28 AM  
You're one of my favorite BA girls of all time. Wait, probably THE favorite.
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Bathroom Debut
05.25.11 04:20 PM
babe alert!!!
Only Yours
04.22.11 01:48 PM
....i think i love you. you're so cute!
Graffiti Princess
03.16.11 05:19 PM
you guys are so awesome. my boobs thank you!!!
Bean Bag Debut
12.22.10 06:20 PM
yay! my lady love!
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